And there's more!

"He loves it! His poop is good and skin is getting better! :) "

"We fed Merlin tonight! My God he lapped it all up and seemed to really love it!"


"Zak is pretty much 100% good!!! So awesome because we’ve tried 5 other foods before yours and his skin wasn’t getting better - until a month on YOURS!! SO excited about this!!!"

"Snickers is a 12-year-old rescue from the streets of Athens, Greece. The gal is still young-at-heart despite having arthritis for many years and recurring bouts of pancreatitis. Transitioning to the Virchew diet was achieved without a problem and is now 100% plant-based and loving it. Her mobility has increased, she seems more alert, and is sleeping through the night without crying. We love the results so far!"

"My 2 little guys have the best poop since being on Virchew food. The volume of their food has gone up but they're not pooping more, just easier and the consistency is, shall I say it, lovely."
"They took turns cleaning up each other's dish. They loved it!"

"My coworker has been telling me about your plant-based dog food and she’s given me a couple of samples of it for my dog. Well, she absolutely loved it, and her poops came out perfect. ;) So now I’d really love to give this to her on a regular basis. How can I get more?!"

"Layla is absolutely loving the food. She prefers it over her vegan dry kibble!"

"Beau’s poo is all solid now no loose stools which is a good change. Both dogs are liking their new food. Rufus' poo has always been solid but is less dry so easier for him to go. Rufus (90 lb senior) looks perkier (if that’s even a word) so I’m very happy with everything."  

"Cutie's skin issue has improved about 80% without any medicine!"

"Thank you for sending the sample of Virchew, she cannot get enough. She ate her dinner in approximately 25 secs, but proceeded to lick the bowl for the next 3 mins just in case she had left something behind."

"They are loving it! Rufus' blood curve was the best one so far so it’s helping him hopefully reduce the amount of insulin he needs to take. Thanks!"  

"You clearly have one new fan in Vancouver. Roxy is an 8-year-old pit bull, we’re very conscious about what she eats and want to make sure she has a diet that allows her to thrive, so we’re thrilled to see you launch Virchew."

"Hi! My dog is Jacky. Both of us are vegetarian. We are so happy to know that Virchew is a vegan dog food company and produces healthy and safe products for dogs. I can tell the samples we received from Virchew are high quality and he ate them up. We would love to know more about Virchew and learn about the club."  

"I really enjoyed the Zoom, your passion shines through and I’m excited to be a part of this and share this wonderful diet with others."