dEcEMbER 2022
VIRChew dogs OF the MoNth

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Hi Hoomans! We are Larry and Bernie and we are brothers from another mother. Together, we are living our best lives this summer thanks to the big red box of yummies that has been keeping our tummies happy. Our pawrents tried everything to get Bernie back to his old self and to fix my skin problems. Now that we are powered by plant-based goodness, we're unstoppable! ⁠

"My 9-year-old Swiss Mountain Dog has been on Virchew for over a year now. I truly thought I was going to be saying goodbye to Bernie just over a year ago. He had no energy, and would just lay down on his bed all day. I switched his food to Virchew and just a couple of weeks in, he was acting like he was 4 or 5 years old. His energy was back and he wasn’t having issues with stairs. Bernie wasn’t able to eat kibble because of teeth issues, but Virchews food was the perfect solution. I tried Bernie on raw food in the past, and it was annoying for me because it came in big frozen chunks and I just didn’t enjoy handling raw food all day. Virchew's dry food is so great, just add water and mix. I don’t know how long Bernie has left, but I know he is enjoying every minute because of Virchew." - Dan W.

"I got my dream dog. A Blue Swiss Mountain Dog a few years ago. Larry is the most energized fun loving dog you’ll ever meet. Unfortunately, he is allergic to everything. I tried him on all sorts of kibble and vegetarian foods, but his skin was so bad. Constantly had rashes and dry flakey skin. I found a local Vancouver company called Virchew and it has changed Larry’s life. He absolutely loves the food and his coat has never looked so good. For any dog owners out there, if your dog has allergies or bad skin, give Virchew a shot. The food and ingredients are so pure. The women who started it are Incredibly kind and actually care about your dog." - Cindy W.⁠

VIRChew dogs OF the MoNth

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"Our pups have been devouring Virchew since April 2022, this food had been a game changer for Lolly and Andrè. Lolly would normally at least skip one meal a day with the previous food she was on, it was like she just wasn’t feeling well and food didn’t interest her. Since switching for Virchew she has not missed one single meal, she’s so excited to eat now, it’s so lovely to see.


Andrè has had allergies and tummy issues his whole life, he’s 7. His pancreatitis used to flair up weekly - his life has totally changed with eating only Virchew and certain treats that we know don’t upset his tummy. The pancreatitis which was so so painful for him is nonexistent and his allergies are minimal compared to 6 months ago when we were not feeding them Virchew.

Lolly and Andrè's weight is on point, our vet commented recently on both pups on how amazing they look. Andrè has even stopped getting arthritic shots for pain as he’s doing so well with simply just eating a plant-based diet.

We couldn’t be more stoked about Virchew, it’s truly changed the quality of life for our pups for the better. Thank you Virchew team for all you do." 


- Amelia D.