You don't have to choose between achieving your financial goals and changing the world.

Dogs. Investing. A new era.

If you want to make a stand through an investment in an exciting social venture, Virchew may be for you. 

From the early beginnings of Virchew, we were doggedly determined to gather a large community of shareholders who shared our plant-based, animal-loving values. That's exactly what's happened.


After years of in-depth research and development, we're now preparing for our commercial launch stage starting in Vancouver, BC in early 2020.

Why Virchew? It's a new era. Dogs have come into our homes from the doghouse, the barn, the stable, and the field. Living intimately with our dogs is transforming the way we nurture them, feed them and how we view the lives of all animals. This is prompting us to not only rethink our own lifestyles and diets but also how, why and where we invest and the impact our investments have on our world, our community, and our family. 


If you want to make a stand in the world and reach your financial goals, an investment in an exciting venture like Virchew may be for you.* 

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*Our investment is only open to Accredited Investors


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