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Laura Simonson

Founder, VIRCHEW

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A seasoned entrepreneur with decades of success, Laura Simonson has gained extensive experience in: sales, marketing and management, health facility ownership, business development, venture capital, event production, website development and design, and communications.​

Over 25 years ago, Laura created, financed and managed the first health and lifestyle studio of its kind. Her knack for predicting trends in natural health, fitness, and plant-based diets, continues today with the development of the first plant-based food for dogs supported by veterinary nutrition programs.


Working diligently with a team of experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, industry specialists, veterinary professionals, and Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, Laura has launched Virchew. A strong strategy is in place to position Virchew as a new canine nutrition and lifestyle movement, one where not only companion dogs live and thrive on a plant-based diet but so do those who love and care for them.


Laura is a serial dog and animal lover and passionate foodie. She lives in gorgeous Vancouver, BC, with her partner Gord Espeseth and their sassy, plant-powered border collie, Seva. 


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