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chews Plants

Powerful, pooch-approved plant-based meals & treats.


HEY THERE - PLEASE NOTE: Virchew is available only in British Columbia and Canada at this time. Coming soon to all Canadian dogs! Global domination to follow.

Why Virchew?

Solutions. Support. Smiles.

Plant-based foods boast incredible health and therapeautic benefits that are good for our dogs, good for our earth, and good for our hearts. If plants hold the solutions to support all of this, why are we not feeding our dogs these powerful foods?

We feel it's just the right thing to do. That puts a smile on our face.

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Did you know research reveals the most common foods that cause skin issues include animal-based proteins? 

Zak here, tried several foods but now he's got happy skin!




There are as many mysterious digestive issues as there are types of dogs. Just as in humans, the causes are unlimited and most often, puzzling.

Rowdy here, is now a good pooper! 


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When dogs are fed clean, nourishing, plant-based foods the health results are life-changing. 

Otis, Milo and Jazz here, are thriving testaments to the power of plants in their diet.



VIRCHEW is delivering delectable delight.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Virchew is transforming the dog food industry by serving up the first plant-based meals and treats for dogs powered by trail-blazing veterinary nutrition programs - with a dogged focus on skin, digestive and preventative solutions. Plus, we deliver or ship right to your dog's door. 

ALL DOGS PLEASE NOTE: Virchew is available only in British Columbia and some areas of Canada at this time. Coming soon to all Canadian dogs! Global domination to follow.

*We always develop our meals according to AAFCO Guidelines with a team of (really awesome) Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists. 

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Our Bowls & Treats

 Your dog is gonna dig our first recipe - the incredibly delectable, LOVE Bowl. This bowl, and our plant-powered treats, have the chops for your dog to thrive. 

Our foods are also a possible therapeutic solution for food sensitivities such as skin, digestive, and senior-related issues.


Veterinarians agree.

“Every day there is new information about the link between a plant-based diet and disease prevention. Why would it not be the same for our beloved dogs who are prone to many of the same diseases?”

Kathy Kramer, DVM, CVA, DABVP

Medical Director, Vancouver Animal Wellness

Vancouver, BC

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“The Virchew diets will have endless benefits for our canine patients, both from a preventative and therapeutic approach and will provide a lucrative business opportunity for veterinarians as well.“

Manju Arora, DVM, MBA

Previous owner, Queen's Park Pet Hospital

New Westminster, BC

“Virchew is my answer towards a holistic wellness approach to healing – a plant-based, well-balanced diet supported by research. I have no doubt that this revolutionary approach to patient care through diet is going to take the world by storm.”

Radica Raj, DVM

Owner, Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care

North Vancouver, BC

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Our Veterinary Nutrition

Programs & Partnerships

Did you know that dogs struggle with chronic health issues such as food sensitivities (skin or digestive) that could be linked to nutrition? Or, are you excited about feeding your pooch a plant-based diet but it would give you comfort to monitor its diet?  

Virchew is the first plant-based brand for dogs to develop veterinary nutrition programs for veterinarians and their patients. 



What we stand (or sit) for.

We believe in always doing the right thing. We strive to give to the greatest good. We make meals and treats that are good for our dogs, good for our earth, and good for our hearts. Health, sustainability, and compassion aren’t just marketing words, they are part of our DNA. We stand behind our goal to offer powerful, nutritional solutions for your dog.

As a woman-led and managed company, we're demonstrating the impact of diversity and equality in business.


Even though we've been researching and preparing for a decade, we’re just getting started.

Join us! This dog park includes everyone and their dog.  

Peace, love, dogs,

Laura Simonson, Seva (Top Dog) and the Virchew Crew


lolly & andre testimonial nov 2022.png

We asked our customer dogs to speak & here's what we heard.

We fully believed in the power of plants for our dogs after 20 years of experience. However, we're doggone delighted with the happy tummies and healthy results!


Feeding Fido shouldn't be a moral dilemma.


Virchew is good for our dogs, good for our earth, and good for our hearts.  

A winning trifecta of virtuous good!

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