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2021 IS HERE!

 January 1, 2021

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Happy New 2021 (and WORLD) to you, your loved ones both furry and not! We hope you are healthy and happy.


It's more than a new year, it's actually a new world. What we do know - we must care for our animals, our earth, and our health. Together, we can do this. Awareness and kindness, we can all contribute.

During our short holiday break, we celebrated New Year's Eve by lifting a virtual glass to all of the wonderful people who joined our first, Special Customer Club! THANK YOU for your faith in Virchew!

After 10 years of dogged determination and uphill climbing to launch Virchew, it's difficult to describe the feeling of gratitude we have in our hearts for our customers, shareholders and team.

Now that we've got all of the confetti out of our hair (and Seva's!) we're back in action delivering to dozens of dogs and preparing for our next stage of growth in 2021! 


 January 26, 2021

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After we reached out this past fall to our mailing list and social media following to share the Virchew launch news with hoomans like you - the response was incredible.

We've started a waitlist! Thank you, Greater Vancouver for your support! We'll be delivering to the waitlist pooches, soon. However, while we prepare for the next offer in a short few weeks, we're still dishing up a BIG serving of our FREE tasty samples

If your dog is excited to dig into Virchew, join here and we’ll be sure to let you both know as soon as we’re ready to deliver your dog's delectable dinner! 

If you're a veterinarian who wants to learn more about our veterinary partnership plans, please contact us.


 January 7, 2021

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It's Veganuary! And, with Virchew, you can celebrate with your dog! How fun is that?

Here's how:

  1. If your dog has not received a FREE tasty sample yet, click here and we'll send a BIG serving of our Virchew LOVE Bowl!

  2. Then, if your dog is excited to dig into Virchew, join our waitlist here and we’ll be sure to let you both know as soon as we’re ready to deliver your dog's delectable dinner!

  3. If you're a member of our (very special) Customer Club, post a picture of you and your fur love(s) on Facebook or Instagram along with your Virchew meal box or sample containers. We'll enter you in a draw for another FREE MONTH of food! (Be sure to tag @virchewdogs!)

  4. Watch for drool-worthy treat recipe ideas that we’re sharing throughout the month!

Happy, Healthy and Kind Veganuary!



 January 26, 2021


We're preparing for HUGE Great Dane things in 2021! The launch timing of Virchew could not have been better. After a year like 2020, more people are looking for kind, healthy food choices for themselves, family and their dogs.

Check out our new About Us page. Read the Virchew story and serendipitous events that led us to this BIG idea and new brand.

We now have a Products page! And, we're really looking forward to adding many more 'bowls' and treats and a whole lot more. :)

Our FAQs page is consistently evolving. Got questions? Start here.

Watch for announcements on this NEWS page within the next week, detailing our Winter 2021 Capital Round for Virchew's next stage!



January 26, 2021


UPDATE: February 15, 2021

Virchew has reached over 85% of the funding goal!


From the very beginning, Virchew was dogged and determined to successfully finance this social venture through the power of many people who shared similar virtues such as integrity, kindness, equality and social impact. 

Through a series of capital funding rounds with like-minded investors, the formation of Virchew’s development plan has now been supported by over 70 shareholders.

Perfectly positioned between two multi-billion dollar markets, Virchew is a recipe for boundless possibilities and prosperity for all. 

If you're keen to receive information about our next campaign, contact us.


Spring 2021

Our first Adult General Maintenance formulation, the LOVE Bowl, has been causing feeding frenzies for dozens of dogs! The videos, emails, and posts have had us smiling from ear to ear! After many years in the test kitchen, we're thrilled with these results and the high palatability.  

However, we're just beginning and have delicious plans! Coming Spring 2021 we plan to offer new flavors for our bowls, and of course, treats that compliment the Virchew line of nourishing meals. Plus, read below about our special formulation bowls for our Veterinary Partnership programs. 


We're doggedly determined to 'deliver delight' to your fur love and you! 


And Nutrition Programs

Spring - Summer 2021


From the beginning of our BIG idea, it became evident that the only way to launch an extraordinary vegan food for dogs would be to learn everything we could from our veterinarian friends. 

After a few meetings, we immediately knew our goal was to be the first evidence-based, vegan food for dogs supported by veterinary partnerships and evidence-based case studies

This means we'll begin to offer bowls (we call our meals, 'bowls') that have been specially formulated for different issues or diseases.  And we'll offer treats that match each diet. 

We plan to start offering these formulations (and some new flavor ideas, too!) through our veterinary partners in early Spring - Summer 2021. Think: skin issues, liver, pancreatitis, kidney, senior, cancer support, heart, puppy, etc. 

We're very excited to offer these nourishing meals supported by our nutrition programs with our veterinary partners - a new paradigm in veterinary nutrition and optimum health for our fur family.



Feeding Fido shouldn't be a moral dilemma.

Choose Virchew and do the right thing for your dog, the earth, and your heart, too.  A winning trifecta of virtuous good!



Virchew's website, blog, Facebook Pages or Groups, Instagram or Twitter posts/comments, email communications, and other correspondence are for education and inspiration purposes only, and not intended to advise, diagnose, cure or prevent disease.


Our products and services are not a replacement for the expert care and advice provided by your veterinarian. Any dietary or healthcare changes should be made under their guidance, especially in the case of existing underlying health conditions.

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