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Available only at this time in the Greater Vancouver area. Global domination to follow.  


HELLO, 2022!

Now, for some Good News. 

Happy, Yappy New Year!

Whew. Whoof. What a year! Between the 'vid', climate challenges, and the unraveling of racial inequality - but, the good news? Our furry best friends have been right there by our sides.

Amidst what seems to be consistent media doom and gloom we have to dig deep and find that place within that knows life is truly magnificent. We just need to pause for a moment and look into our dog's eyes to feel that magnificence and to remember what really matters, right? 

For all of us at Virchew, 2021 was filled with good news, too. It was an incredibly amazing year. After a decade of toiling, climbing, and building we finally launched to an eager community of awesome customers and a welcoming, exploding marketplace. Our mission's timing could not have been better. We still have some mountains to climb, but we now know without an ounce of doubt that Virchew is not only working but it's also causing promising health breakthroughs for our customer dogs. We're witnessing something vital for our dog's health, our peace of mind, and a new paradigm in canine nutrition.




Open by appointment and Special Events 

The Virchew Shop was in the plan for the future, but the Virchew vision had its own plan to make it happen sooner.


Over the past few months we've been working out of our Virchew HQ office at 2960 West 4th Avenue in cool Kitsilano! Our plan is to start with sampling hours, appointments for our Veterinary Nutrition Programs, appointments with potential customers and community /pop-up events when safe. Also, we'll be offering meal and treat pickup for peeps and pooches who live in the neighborhood. Of course, we're still delivering delight to dogs throughout Greater Vancouver.

Watch for open houses, shop hours, events, and celebration announcements!

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Seriously, remarkable humans. 

It's been no easy feat to bring Virchew to life - and now, to an eager, booming market. We're beyond grateful for all who have contributed their passion, services, and consulting during our development period.

BIG NEWS! We're delighted to introduce you to our new and growing team of passionate professionals and consultants!

Over the next few months, we'll be continuing a Jack Russell pace to acheive our next stage of growth. Virchew will be searching for other remarkable humans to join the adventure. If you're ready to transform your career or looking for an adventurous opportunity and want to be part of a passionate plant-based team, drop an email to:


tatiana victorino 2_edited_edited.jpg


We respect these pros.

From the moment we envisioned Virchew, the goal was to become the industry leader for plant-based canine nutrition research. 

We've interviewed dozens of awesome veterinarians in the Greater Vancouver area over the years and we cannot describe in enough words how much we respect these professionals. We've now started to meet, and partner with, veterinary clinics to deliver the foods and services that will bring us closer to the goal of providing the much-needed, evidence-based research through these professional partnerships. And, most importantly to offer a powerful and exciting diet alternative for their patients.

If you're a veterinarian who wants to learn more about our veterinary partnership plans, programs, and research study plans, please contact us.

If you want to schedule a lunch and learn (complete with a  delicious plant-based lunch for all!) please email Virchew!




Investing in our best friends and a

plant-based future is easy to digest.


Do you remember when we all thought electric cars were a wild, futuristic idea? This week, Tesla reached $1000/share to become the first $1 trillion-dollar company! The world is transforming quickly and without question, fortune favored Elon Musk's bold plans.


As we all know, the world is beginning to embrace another innovative and timely idea: Plant-Based Foods. This same market boom is spilling over into the dog food space.

While we obviously cannot predict what Virchew could achieve for share value, we've developed a compelling business development model and hold a very strong intention to achieve extraordinary business goals - as we lead the first plant-based food for dogs supported by veterinary programs and evidence.

What we do know: We've established consistent sales and powerful partnerships. After years of dogged dedication, Virchew is perfectly positioned between two multi-billion-dollar markets - Plant-Based Foods and Foods for Dogs. We're literally ready to deliver, BIG.

If you want your money to be a financial force for good and reap the benefits of investments that are aligned with your values, get in touch. We'll send you our Investor Presentation.




Zak's hooman, Julia Murray, shared their one-year Virchew results (with smiles).

"Zak has been diving into his Virchew dog food for a year and he’s the healthiest version of himself because of it! Before Virchew we tried a few different vegan dog foods, and I even cooked for him (so gourmet!). Ever since we picked him up from the pound at 8 months old he had hot spots on his skin. The last year with Virchew has helped him have the best skin he’s ever had. He’s thriving with plant-powered energy, and at a perfect weight.


Virchew and Zak agree with each other. Just the other weekend on a camping trip we forgot Virchew but had some older food in the camper we used for a few days. His ears became inflamed, red, and itchy plus new hot spots popped up. We got him back on Virchew as soon as we got home and he was back to normal in just a few days.


Over the last year, Zak’s skin and digestion have been the best they’ve ever been! It makes me happy knowing we don’t have to harm other animals to feed our own furry family member."


~ Julia Murray - RHN, Chef, Olympian + Vegan

(Insta @hookedonplants @8020plants)

If your dog relates to Zak's story, fetch a free sample!



Feeding Fido shouldn't be a moral dilemma.

Choose Virchew and do the right thing for your dog, the earth, and your heart, too.  A winning trifecta of virtuous good!