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the LOVe bowl 

We called our first formulation, The LOVE Bowl. Based on tastebud feedback from all of our Virchew dog customers and sample events, your pooch is gonna LOVE digging into it. The LOVE Bowl is mega nutritious, delicious, complete and balanced*, incredibly accommodating, and all love.




  • Have Itchy or Yucky Skin Issues?

  • Have Puzzling Tummy Issues?

  • Want Healthy (Tasty) Benefits?

  • Have Joint or Senior-Related Issues?

Did you know? We're receiving exciting and promising testimonials. The LOVE Bowl meals seem to be supporting a healthy immune system which in turn is having positive health benefits, especially for skin, tummy, and senior-related issues. 

*The ACVN Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists® at Veterinary Nutritional Consultations, Inc ( initially formulated these recipes to be compliant with [AAFCO, NRC, FEDIAF] 2020 nutrient profiles. 


It's important for you and our veterinary friends to know that we worked with a team of Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists* to ensure our first formulation has the chops for your dog to thrive by formulating with sustainable, nutritious, powerful plants.


Our bold and primary goal in creating Virchew was to bring to market the first plant-based food for dogs with a commitment to providing dietary solutions, support, and smiles. 


Your dog's diet is a serious topic. We're deeply dedicated to providing you with meals and treats you can trust for your dog's health, without question or compromise.

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Unlike most dog foods, Virchew is not a kibble. Our meals are a convenient dry blend that is jam-packed with clean, green proteins, essential fats (omegas and DHA), complex carbs, healthful fiber, and pooch-approved flavor.

Complete and balanced* with Virchew's own 100% vegan custom supplement filled with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients for our best pals.

You simply dish it up to your dog's bowl, stir it up with warm water and serve it up!

We asked our customer dogs to speak & here's what we heard.

We fully believed in the power of plants for our dogs after 20-years of experience. However, we're doggone delighted with the happy tummies and healthy results since our launch!



lolly & andre testimonial nov 2022.png


Fetch the FAQS here >

*Illustrations of the food and bowl packaging are for a fun visual purpose only. Our foods are a dry blend of plant-strong, tasty ingredients that you rehydrate prior to mealtime. Your dog will receive a box (sustainable packaging) that's super convenient, and easy to keep on your countertop or in your pantry. If you live in the Greater  Vancouver area, we pick up to reuse or recycle, too! (FACT: Our branded boxes can be reused over a dozen times!)

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