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Our Dogs & Climate Action: We need solutions. Now!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

There's no way to sugarcoat this - from disease to climate change to factory farming to record rates of animal extinction, humanity is facing catastrophic problems.

We need solutions and we need them fast. The negative environmental impact from factory farming combined with the tragic treatment of food animals is indefensible. Simply put, using animals to feed our dogs and ourselves is unsustainable, unhealthy, and unkind. We can no longer just kick back and hope for our governments or 'the powers that be' to solve these tragic issues. We are all in this together.

Investing in Change

We have to dig deep and bring forth innovative, compassionate solutions through business, food technology, and social impact. We need to start, support, invest in or purchase from

businesses and organizations that are leading the way to solve these issues.

The global pet food industry is a significant part of the problem. It's been estimated in the United States alone, up to 70 million tons of carbon are released annually from the production and consumption of pet food.

As important, the same pet food industry is counter to the current rescue and animal welfare movements. Like people, dogs are actually considered to be omnivores, so why are we still feeding them other animals?

Canadians are Complicit

Just in Canada alone, thousands of dogs are suffering or dying from mysterious health issues, every day. And, thousands of animals are dying needlessly for our dog's meal. Companion animals that eat an animal-based diet are a significant contributor to climate change. These facts are not acceptable.

There has never been a study in veterinary canine research (worldwide) that demonstrates dogs cannot thrive on plant-based foods. Although there are thousands of personal testimonials, unfortunately, there's a limited number of studies showing dogs do thrive on plant foods. So, we’re changing the game.

Virchew is Trail-blazing a Path for Health

Today, Virchew is the first Virchew is the first plant-based food and lifestyle brand for dogs powered by trail-blazing veterinary partnerships and nutrition programs to produce the first evidence for all to benefit.

Watch this space as we begin to share the evidence through our nutrition programs and evidence-supported case studies here in Greater Vancouver with our partner veterinary clinics.

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