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Kim McMullen: GIRL in the Wild

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Happy #MondayMotivation! First, before we share Kim McMullen's remarkable story, I would like to share an important and related background story.

Why Virchew?

There a several reasons why I founded my dream business, Virchew. Aside from the obvious reason - to create an extraordinary, plant-based canine nutrition company supported by evidence for the love of dogs and the welfare of all animals - there is another reason that also tugs at my soul every day.

Through Virchew's business and financial success my plan was to begin the journey to launch an organization for girls and women. The foundation or .org would fund the support for healing and empowerment of girls and women and those that identify as, who have experienced abuse, no matter the form (childhood or adult abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, racial abuse, domestic abuse or inequality abuse). Abuse in any form is devastating to millions of lives and the ripple effect of the trauma and emotional pain is passed from generation to generation. I, like most, have experienced abuse and trauma, and witnessed that ripple in my own family and know of dozens of families who have experienced the same. It causes us, especially as girls and women, to develop horrible body images, low self-esteem, disorders or addictions.

My dream would be that all of the above ceases on earth. Period.

Yeah, it seems like an impossible dream. However, what if it is possible? What if we could reach young girls who have been abused and help them to heal - and not only love themselves but to powerfully rise - and in turn, help others or start organizations and communities of their own? What if we could prevent abuse in the first place?

This is where the #MondayMotivation part comes in. :)

As serendipity would have it, an organization already exists.

Introducing Kim McMullen & Girl in the Wild

Upon meeting Kim McMullen, I felt a powerful 'tingle.' You know, one of those tingles? When you walk into a room and meet a person who shines and you feel uplifted. Or, after you've hugged a person with the tingle, like a sponge, you somehow absorb that tingle yourself. I know I'm not alone and have no doubt Kim has that impact on anyone who breathes.

Kim is not only the founder of Flipside Collective, a phenomenally creative marketing collective (and certified B-Corp!), she is also the courageous and remarkable woman behind, Girl in the Wild. Girl in the Wild is a non-profit organization that provides free confidence-building camps for teenagers who identify as girls or non-binary. Her vision? To Eradicate Self-Loathing For Good.

Plus, add this lineup to her mountain of accomplishments: Kim is a single mom of a boy named Wild! She lives and loves a vegan lifestyle in the mountains. She is a dog lover and mawm to a blue heeler named, Foxy Fox. She's a magical, profound writer. And, oh my. So, so much more.

I knew, when the 'tingle' thought came to me to do all I can to support Girl in the Wild, it was a call from my life's mission and the mission of Virchew: To Always Do the Right Thing.

Kim is here today to share her uber-inspiring story and why she was called to launch Girl in the Wild.


Before you read Kim's story, could I ask for your help? I've chosen Girl in the Wild as the recipient of Virchew's first #GivingTuesday campaign. And, I could not be more delighted to announce this tomorrow on Nov 29, Giving Tuesday 2022. We're making it very, very easy to give or share. Would you be willing to help us to get the woof out about this initiative? Please see the steps at the end of this blog (spoiler: just order Virchew and score a gift too!) and watch for our campaign posts throughout the week that will be easy to share with your friends and family.

With gratitude,

Laura Simonson, Founder of Virchew


Meet Kim & Girl in the Wild: Eradicate Self-Loathing for Good.

kim mcmullen, foxy fox, on the mountainside after having a vegan meal of virchew created by laura simonson of vancouver bc

Image credits: Bobbi Barbarich - @barbarichphoto on Instagram

"I spent a lot of years in a state of self-loathing. It was dark. It was painful. And I thought it was just me who felt this way. Everyone else on the planet was perfect, amazing, beautiful, right. Just not me.

On a whim, in a moment when I had just walked tall out of a toxic relationship and was feeling extra brave, I bought a 90L backpack and booked a trip to the Yukon. I was 26 at the time. I had never hiked before. Six weeks later a helicopter dropped me and 6 others off in the middle of the Tombstone mountains, where I spent the next week learning all that I was capable of. It was the beginning of healing my relationship with my body. The mountains taught me that I could trust myself and that the size of my waist and the softness of my belly had absolutely nothing to do with my capability.

kim mcmullen by the ocean, after feeding her dog a vegan meal of virchew created by laura simonson of vancouver bc

I spent the next decade hiking, running, climbing, paddling, and simply being in the mountains. I drew a line in the sand with my work and chose to only work with purpose-driven organizations (ahem... Virchew!). With my pal Harley then Foxy Fox by my side and green juice in my tum, I also spent the next decade uncovering my worth. Setting boundaries. Choosing me. And ultimately celebrating me. When I wrote a post about this transformation of mine, women and girls whom I didn't know shared their own experiences with self-loathing. The whole time, I thought it was just me.

No one deserves to hate themselves, I thought.

And a year later I launched Girl In The Wild, a non-profit that provides free confidence-building camps for teenagers who identify as girls or non-binary. We spend a week together hiking, climbing, camping, meditating, doing yoga, making and eating vegan meals together, and talking about really really hard things. We learn to love ourselves and each other. We learn to give ourselves grace and to give it to others too. We laugh. We dance. We cry. And we trade in old stories for new ones.

girl in the wild with kim mcmullen group waving at laura simonson of vancouver bc founder of virchew vegan plantbased dog food

Image credits: Bobbi Barbarich - @barbarichphoto on Instagram

The vision is to eradicate self-loathing for good.

To help the next generation rise above and away from self-loathing and toward self-worth.

To transform self-loathing into a historical notion that our grandchildren read about in history books. "Those crazy people who used to hate themselves!"

To create a world where we all walk tall and without apology.

girl in the wild with kim mcmullen group doing yoga with laura simonson of vancouver bc founder of virchew vegan plantbased dog food

Image credits: Bobbi Barbarich - @barbarichphoto on Instagram

Self confidence is a right. So we created 100% free, confidence-boosting, life-changing camps for teenage girls.

The goal: get real, crush goals, shed insecurities, share experiences, learn self-love and leave with the tools, resources, and support to build healthy habits, form positive relationships, and rise to every challenge.

It is life-changing. And it costs nothing. No catch."

~ Kim McMullen, Founder of Girl in the Wild


GIVING will support a girl's ability to go to the GITW Camp! >

"We are a non-profit organization and donated dollars help us send struggling teenage girls to a FREE confidence-boosting camp in the wild. It’s a weeklong experience that changes the way they look at themselves and each other, how they think about themselves and each other, and what they believe is possible for their futures. It’s a week that culminates in an impossibly incredible transformation. Girls choosing to rise."

Camp Costs: $22,000/CAMP $2750/GIRL/WEEK $392/GIRL/DAY

girl in the giving tuesday collab between kim mcmullen girl in the wild and laura simonson of vancouver bc founder of virchew vegan plantbased dog food

Here's how you can help Virchew to GIVE to Girl in the Wild for Giving Tuesday (and through the week!) :



Any order that Virchew receives today through Giving Tuesday until end of day Friday, we'll give you and your pooch a 5% discount, we'll also give Girl in the Wild 10% of the order!

All you need to do is place an order (or two or more!) this coming week until Friday, December 2, 2022 at midnight!



Want to order and give for double impact? Our new customer discount deal right now is 25% savings on your first box of our delectable, nourishing, LOVE Bowls. This week we'll give you a 30% discount and give Girl in the Wild 10% off the order!

All you need to do is place your first order this coming week until Friday, December 2nd, 2022 at midnight!



Go here and GIVE! >

To learn even more about this life-changing organization or make friends with Girl in the Wild:

Insta: @girlinthewild

Facebook: @girlinthewildadventureco

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