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Vegan Dogs: The ONE Question.

Updated: Oct 27

Our Dogs - Omnivore vs Carnivore: One Question

After years of hot debates, there are dozens of articles and interviews questioning if a dog can be vegetarian, vegan or plant-based. Every time I’ve read one, aside from a small few, they’re all pretty much the same. No conclusion really, just an ongoing, “Let’s wait and see” debate.

Quite frankly - stick a fork in me - I’m done like dinner on this topic.

It’s time to write a NEW story about our dog’s diet. Here’s a good start.

First, let’s compare this to the exact hot debate that has occurred in plant-based human nutrition in these three stages:

  1. Resistance: “We need meat for protein and survival!” (Carnivore)

  2. Reaction: “A diet high in vegetables, fruits and fiber could be beneficial.” (Flexitarian)

  3. Research: “Research has shown that a vegan diet is considered one of the healthiest diets for humans.” (Vegan)

If you were to take this same trajectory and place it on the canine plant-based trajectory, the start of the two paths would be the same. Exactly the same. We’re somewhere between the resistance and the reaction.

I’ve been watching and experiencing this human diet debate for over 35 years both professionally and personally. Instead of asking, “Show me the research that proves humans can be vegetarian (or vegan) and don’t need meat”, I ask, “Show me the research that proves we cannot thrive on a vegan diet”.

Here’s the thing. There isn’t one study that proves or even indicates that we NEED meat to survive as a species. We don’t. Period. (Want to learn more about the intriguing philosophy behind this human condition? Google, “Beyond Carnism” by Melanie Joy, Ph.D.)

So, what about our dogs? Same, same. We hold hot debates and even outright bullying to caring animal lovers who dare to share their vegan dog success stories. These same people even challenge highly-educated and experienced veterinarians!

After 25 years of researching vegetarian/vegan dogs and interviews with dozens of veterinarians, I ask you this question:

“Have you ever seen ONE study that proves dogs cannot thrive on a vegan diet?”

We’ll explore more on this important (and hot) topic next!

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