• Laura Simonson

Paws in the Air! Virchew & Khatsahlano Street Party

Everybody! Paws in the air like you just don't care! Team VIRCHEW created a mini-HQ at the Khatsahlano Street Party and it was 🐾 paw-some. We started the day the same way we ended it - full of enthusiasm for the future of canine nutrition and all the pawrents that are making the decision to transition their furry friends to or seeking to try, a plant-based diet.⁠

Why the excitement? Although we brought 100s of Free Samples, Sign-up Sheets, and Love Cookies for 'Trick for Treat,' we ran out of everything! Woofhoo! Good thing VIRCHEW HQ was just up West 4th for a quick refill and we were back in business. ⁠

Everyone had a barkin' blast and we extend a massive thank-you to everyone who came out to this epic street party, brought your puppers (we photographed well over 100 beauties), and entered our 1 Month Free Virchew GiveAway. ⁠

We would like to extend an invitation to all those who visited and those who just couldn't squeeze through the crowds to chat with us, to book a time to visit Virchew HQ this week to learn more about our plant-based dog meals and treats, solutions to skin, tummy, and mobility issues, and fetch a Free Sample.

Take a look at a few of the sweet doggos that visited us to play, Trick for Treat:

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