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Virchew launches new capital raise for business expansion

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 26, 2021 -- Virchew, the company behind North America’s first plant-based food brand for dogs supported by veterinary nutrition programs, has announced a new capital round that will fund business expansion in the Greater Vancouver area.

The Plant-based Movement

Plant-based food is the future of eating for people and dogs. Over the next decade, the enormous animal-based human and dog food industries are going to be entirely disrupted by innovative plant-based foods and alternative protein companies.

Ahead of the Curve

After several years of research and positioning, Virchew has built an extraordinary foundation to lead new ways to feed, care, and live with, our companion dogs. Virchew has plans to duplicate their vertical business model (research, produce, market, deliver direct to dog’s door) in other large cities from Canada to the USA.

Following a successful market launch in Greater Vancouver to the company’s network during fall 2020, Virchew has opened a capital round to fund its next growth stage. The capital will finance; 1. New product development, 2. Growth of their local target market and, 3. Launch of new programs with veterinary shareholder partners.

Money and Meaning

From the moment Virchew was conceived, the objective was to successfully finance Virchew through the power of many people who shared similar virtues such as integrity, kindness, transparency, and social impact - supported by strong business acumen. And, that's exactly what has happened.

Through a series of funding rounds with like-minded investors, the formation of Virchew’s development plan has now been supported by over 70 shareholders, which includes twelve veterinarians.

The invitation is open to accredited investors and present shareholders.


Laura Simonson, Founder of Virchew


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