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Did Someone Say the "W" Word? Walkies ARE a Good Thing!

There is something very important we want to share with you. Walking your dog should be about more than getting ‘business’ done. LOL! We all know walking the dog is essential for a healthy life (or to keeping the cost of carpet cleaning down!) but taking your pupper out for a stroll provides many other positive benefits, not only for them but for yourself, too!

Virchew dog runs through the meadows after a delicious meal of plantbased vegan VIRCHEW dog food created by laura simonson in vancouver bc canada.

How Does Walking the Dog Keep Everyone Healthy?

Your actions can positively impact the overall health of you and your pupper. Three key points for physical health:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight & Condition

A significant health issue for dogs is obesity. A regular walking schedule is an excellent way to burn excess calories and keep the weight off – for you and your dog.

  • Keeping Joints Healthy

For doggos that live in the city, immobility can be a health problem. Like hoomans, their doggy joints must work to stay strong and supple. We all know how stiff we are after a long day at the office or binge-watching our favourite series! Everyone gets stiff when sedentary, and keeping joints in motion helps improves their function.

  • Urinary & Digestive Health

Keeping your dog regular may be as simple as scheduling regular walks! Walking does help regulate the digestive tract. Some dogs (like some people) prefer to go on a schedule, and providing your dog with routine outdoors trips prevents constipation and can fend off urinary tract infections. UTI’s occur when urine stays in the bladder for long periods, so regular emptying also keeps the urinary system healthy.

Sometimes the Yard is Not Enough

There are plenty of benefits to walking beyond just being so much fun!

  • Mental Health

If you give dogs something interesting to do, like taking a walk, they are less likely to get bored and do something destructive like chewing furniture, footwear or your fence. Walking exercises the mind and the body. Watching birds and squirrels, sniffing out new paths, and seeing other people with their canine companions, are all excellent mental stimulation for your dog that cannot be achieved in a fenced yard or patio. Also, did you know that walking releases excess energy, and this helps your dog sleep better at night?

  • Emotional Health

We are the center of our dog’s universe, and they crave nothing more than to be with us. So what better way to spend quality time together than by taking a nice walk? Deepen your bond by spending one-on-one time with them, which will help deter attention-seeking behaviours such as excessive whining and barking.

  • Physical Health

As we have shared, regular walking has health benefits for you and your dog and will also help prevent obesity, which is a significant problem in both species. So many doggos are overweight, and the sad truth is obese dogs do not live as long as fit dogs. Plus, they suffer more heart problems and joint ailments that affect their quality of life. While it is true that dogs may exercise themselves if left in a fenced-in yard, they are very similar to us and tend to lie in the shade instead of running alone.

Walking your dog is a great start to fulfilling these recommendations for you and your family and leads to a healthy, happier dog!

Virchew dog runs through the meadows after a delicious meal of plantbased vegan VIRCHEW dog food created by laura simonson in vancouver bc canada.


During the dog days of summer, our new Wednesday Walkies will be an opportunity to meet up with your neighbours and furry friends for a fun and informal walk through the community. After a cold drink and treats, Laura and Seva will guide the group from VIRCHEW HQ through the duo's favourite walking routes.⁠

Save the Dates:


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17th at 6 pm.

September dates to be announced shortly. ⁠

Put on your comfortable walking shoes, fill your water bottle, and join us at VIRCHEW HQ (2960 West 4th). We'll have cold drinks on hand and take-way treats - yummy Love Cookies - for the doggos. Walk will begin around 6:15pm. ⁠

Everyone is welcome! 🐶 Puppers of all sizes and abilities! ⁠

*Image credits and Virchew's illustrator consultant: Chris Beetow

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