VIRCHEW Team and Community

Core Team


Founder & CEO

• 25-year Entrepreneur & Business Owner

• Sales & Marketing specialist with a background in business development, venture capital, plant-based nutrition, fitness, events, speaking, real estate, program development


Founder & COO

• 35-year Entrepreneur & Business Owner


• Past owner of successful food production facility overseeing 50 employees


• Innovator, inventor (patented), former bush pilot


VP Sales & Marketing

• 25-year Sales & Marketing Consultant


• Fortune 500 Companies: Cirque du Soleil, Royal Bank, Rogers Communications, Manulife, The Brick, Calgary Flames


Capital Markets Advisor

• 25-year Food Producer Executive & Former President, Neilson Dairy


• Oversaw 4 Neilson manufacturing facilities with $700m in revenue

Advisory and Community


Katherine Kramer, DVM, CVA, DABVP

Manju Arora, DVM, MBA

Tatjana Mirkovic,  DVM, DACVIM

Radica Raj, DVM

John Clark, DVM

Rob Spooner, DVM


Gavin Myers, DVM


Shuli Krakauer, DVM



Danny Prefontaine
President, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre


Francisco Aguirre, P.Eng., BAPT, BSc.IE, MBA
LEAN Production Consultant


Brenda Davis, RD
Renowned Plant-Based Nutritionist, Keynote Speaker and Virchew Shareholder


Rob Harrison
Food Industry Executive, Venture Capital Advisor and Virchew Shareholder


Daryl Hatton
Crowdfunding Specialist


Andy Parker
Website, E-Commerce and Video Consultant



The Virchew shareholder community  consists of twelve veterinarians and dozens of awesome people who represent several diverse professions.


We’ve exercised our provincial securities exemptions with a goal to create a large community of shareholders with similar values who are committed to the social and financial success of Virchew.

You know that feeling?

That feeling when your dog curls up beside you or gives you a soft lick on the cheek. That feeling when you realize their little heartbeat is always beside you, no matter what. That feeling when you come home from a long, tough day to see that happy face. That feeling when you see pictures of beautiful animals or videos of playful baby goats.

Yeah, that feeling. 

When we commune with dogs (and all animals or nature) we're immediately transported to what really matters - love, peace of mind and compassion. Some of the virtues of life that make it all worth living.

I've committed my life to create foods for our dogs without harming other animals. It's time to honor and feed our companions without involving the lives of other animals or damaging our planet, for their nutritional needs.

Welcome to VIRCHEW.  I can't wait to meet you and your fur love(s)!

Peace, love, dogs,

Laura Simonson, Founder of VIRCHEW 

and Seva, the sassy border collie!


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