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Helen Siwak

Lead Consultant - Communications & Media

Helen is a solopreneur with a focus on working with small BC businesses with strong ethics and practices. In addition to owning and running a marketing and communications company, she is a magazine publisher and prolific writer in the Lifestyle niche. She lives vegan, is an avid animal and human rights advocate, and her heart is with all who struggle to be seen.

In Athens, Greece, 15-years ago, Helen became an accidental activist for animal rights and welfare. After witnessing a brutal attack by stray dogs on a den of kittens, the lack of community resources available became apparent. Seeking to volunteer with an animal rescue group (like the VHS or SPCA), she found that shelters were illegal. The country had created many laws that reinforced that archaic notion that dogs and cats were vermin and were entitled to no protection. Through word-of-mouth, Helen found a group of women protecting street dogs in an illegal shelter, joined them, and began working to educate the community, coordinate spay and neuter days, hold fundraisers, develop volunteer programs, and organize protests to compel the courts to protect the voiceless.

It is this strength of character and diligence that Helen brings to Virchew. She returned to Vancouver from Greece with a new family that included a husband, two large brindle strays, Snickers and Jickers, and two furry felines Zooey and DeeDee Ramone.

Helen supports VOKRA, Animal Advocates, Hearts on Noses Sanctuary, and numerous human rights campaigns. It is this vibrant energy and passion that she brings to Virchew. Through her words, she shares our story with all those who seek a more compassionate way to relate to our earth and all those that inhabit it.

Helen Siwak
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