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Kerry Craig

Lead Consultant - Veterinary Partnerships & Sales

With over 20-years of professional experience working in the food and beverage manufacturing industries and 10+ years in Veterinary healthcare, Kerry leads through change with her effective flexibility, relationship bridge-building and relentless energy for new ideas and improvements, which lead her to peer over the horizon continuously.

Growing up and staying in Port Coquitlam, Kerry enjoys yoga and spending time hiking and kayaking with her husband, Don, two teenage daughters Samantha and Rachel, and of course her family of ‘fur misfits,’ as she likes to call them affectionately. Each fur baby has their own unique storey, which is why Virchew speaks to Kerry.

She lives in a ‘combo food lifestyle’ with her family and works in an industry where people search for more ethical, sustainable and hypoallergenic food options. Kerry knows all too well the drive for a plant-based diet. With the practical working experience as a Practice Manager of a high-volume Veterinary Hospital, Kerry hears what dogs need and what people want.

If there were five words (or virtues) to encapsulate what Kerry is all about, they would be - futuristic, connectedness, achiever, arranger and maximizer!

Kerry Craig
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