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Laura Simonson

Founder and Lead - Sales & Marketing

Laura knows a thing or two about feeling a tug of passion when eyeing a new venture. The relentless entrepreneur-within guided Laura through decades of success in real estate (sales, marketing and management), fitness studio ownership, business development, venture capital, event production, website development and design, and communications.

Over 25 years ago in Saskatchewan, Laura created, financed and managed the first health and lifestyle studio of its kind. It was a one-stop shop that offered life-changing programs in personal development, fitness, nutrition and meditation. Her knack and passion for predicting trends in natural health, fitness, and plant-based diets, continues with the development of the first plant-based food for dogs supported by veterinary nutrition programs.

Researching canine plant-based diets as far back as 1989, Laura - and dozens of intrigued onlookers over the years - were encouraged with the remarkable results the diet had on her first border collie, Shanti. Laura knew, without a doubt, this message of this canine health success could, and should, be shared with others globally.

Now, after a decade of research and development along with a team of experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, specialists, veterinary professionals and Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, Laura began meticulously creating the formulation of Virchew. The strategy was set in place to position Virchew as a new canine nutrition and lifestyle movement. One where not only our companion dogs live and thrive on a plant-based diet but so do those who love and care for them. The brand’s mantra 'Good for Our Dogs. Good for Our Earth. Good for Our Hearts' resonates with the current market's exploding vegan and plant-based trends.

When Laura's not leading Virchew's daily business development, she's running the ocean pathways, hiking the rainforest with her spirited border collie, Seva, doing a TRX workout or searching for her next, delicious vegan food experience. Laura lives on the west coast in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with her partner Gord and their sassy Seva (a self-proclaimed ‘Top Dog’ at Virchew).

Laura Simonson
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