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Shannon Rose

Lead - Customer Care & Happy Wags

It may have been her love of music and performance that brought Shannon to the Lower Mainland from the Interior in 1980, but it was a full-time position in telecommunications that pushed that pursuit to the sidelines. Another passion took hold.

Over the years, no matter which corporate desk she worked from, Shannon nurtured an interest in nutrition - a proverbial seed had been planted. She began with the basic tenets of vegetarianism, which soon transitioned to veganism. She believed a plant-based diet was vital to reverse many of the afflictions some friends, family members and acquaintances who followed a typical North American lifestyle were experiencing.

Shannon facilitated several community health improvement programs, including the Complete (then known as Coronary) Health Improvement Project (CHIP), which teaches the importance of following the 8 Natural Doctors of Health. (The seed was growing into a tree!)

By 2018, she had studied and received a diploma in Nutrition Consulting and was moving into a career path dedicated to health and wellness. A chance encounter with Laura Simonson at a local event led Shannon to Virchew. Her personal experience with vegan/vegetarian diets, nutrition, her love for animals, and a genuine understanding of Laura's vision for Virchew, made her a perfect first team member of the Virchew Crew!

Shannon lives in Surrey, BC, with her two rescue cats - Bella and Boston - who insist she can't have a dog...yet!

Shannon Rose
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