Our dog's bowl is an important part of the solution.

Our dogs. A new era.

They're our devoted companions, our best friends, our family, and for many - therapy or service dogs. 


For possibly 16,000 years, they've walked with us and evolved with us. They protected, served and saved lives.


Today, it's a new era. Dogs have come into our homes from the doghouse, the barns, the stables, and the fields. Living intimately with our dogs is transforming the way we nurture them, feed them and, how we view the lives of all animals.


From companion rescue to farm animal welfare movements, we're blurring the lines between the division of animals who share our homes and those that don't. We are awakening to the truth that we all share this tiny blue planet. We are awakening our compassionate hearts, knowing that all animals, just like our dogs, feel love and pain. 


Together, we're evolving to yet another paradigm. It's time for new food choices; for our dog's health, our health, for our earth, and for kindness to all animals, not just the ones that share our homes. 


This isn’t just about foods for dogs, or about canine nutrition, or about our dog’s health. This is about humanity and creating new and compassionate ways to live with our animal companions.

This is about connection, compassion, and love. This is universal. This is Virchew. 

What you eat.

What your dog eats. 

Every bowl counts.


- Laura Simonson

Founder of Virchew

No sugar-coating.


From disease to climate change to factory farming to record rates of animal extinction, humanity is facing catastrophic problems.


We need solutions and we need them fast. The negative environmental impact from factory farming combined with the tragic treatment of food animals is indefensible. Simply put, using animals to feed our dogs and ourselves is unsustainable, unhealthy, and unkind. We can no longer just kick back and hope for our governments or 'the powers that be' to solve these tragic issues. We're in this together. 


We have to dig deep and bring forth innovative, compassionate solutions through business, food technology, and social impact. We need to; start, support, invest in or purchase from businesses and organizations that are leading the way to solve these issues. 


The global pet food industry is a significant part of the problem. It's been estimated in the United States alone, up to 70 million tons of carbon are released annually from the production and consumption of pet food.


As important, the same pet food industry is counter to the current rescue and animal welfare movements. Like people, dogs are actually considered to be omnivores, so why are we still feeding them other animals?

Want some Virchew?

Virchew will be launching first in Vancouver, BC in early 2020.


Do you live in Vancouver, BC and want your dog to try some flippin' tasty Virchew food? Join our list and we'll let you know as soon as we're ready to deliver your free food samples!


Not from Vancouver? We'll keep you updated and let you know as soon as we're ready to ship outside the Greater Vancouver area.


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