The best way to transform an industry is to create a new one. Plant-based foods for dogs are just the beginning.


Meet Virchew

Virchew is Changing the Game.


Just in Canada alone, thousands of dogs are suffering or dying from mysterious health issues, every day. Thousands of animals are dying needlessly for our dog's meal. Companion animals that eat an animal-based diet are a significant contributor to climate change. These facts are not acceptable. So, we’re changing the game.


Virchew is serving up healthy, sustainable and compassionate solutions through 100% plant-based foods for dogs (not kibble or canned). Our extraordinary (tasty) foods are supported by ground-breaking veterinary partnerships, nutrition programs, clinical research, exciting business to business collaborations, community events and our own Virchew Shop.

In 2019 we're unleashing in Vancouver, BC, through direct delivery to dogs and their humans, with very exciting plans to serve dog lovers everywhere.


Come, join Virchew, and together we'll make every bowl count.

Our dogs. A new era.

They're our devoted companions, our best friends, our family, and for many - therapy or service dogs. 


For possibly 16,000 years, they've walked with us and evolved with us. They protected, served and saved lives.


Today, it's a new era. Dogs have come into our homes from the doghouses, the barns, the stables, and the fields. Living intimately with our dogs is transforming the way we nurture them, feed them and, how we view the lives of all animals.

What you eat.

What your dog eats. 

Every bowl counts.


- Laura Simonson

Founder of Virchew

No sugar-coating.


From disease to climate change to factory farming to record rates of animal extinction, humanity is facing catastrophic problems.


We need solutions and we need them fast. The negative environmental impact from factory farming combined with the tragic treatment of food animals is indefensible. We can no longer just kick back and hope for our governments or 'the powers that be' to solve these issues. We're in this together. 

Want some Virchew?

Virchew will be launching first in Vancouver, BC in early 2019.


Do you live in Vancouver, BC and want your dog to try some flippin' tasty Virchew food? Join our list and we'll let you know as soon as we're ready to deliver your free food samples!


Not from Vancouver? We'll keep you updated and let you know as soon as we're ready to ship outside the Greater Vancouver area.


Whether you're vegan or want to invest your money to directly impact the lives of animals and our planet, Virchew could be your match.

From the early beginnings of Virchew, we were doggedly determined to gather a large community of shareholders who shared our social venture, plant-based values. Today, that's exactly what's happened.

Kathy Kramer, DVM, CVA, CVTP

Medical Director, Vancouver Animal Wellness

Vancouver, BC

“Everyday there is new information about the link between a plant-based diet and disease prevention. Why would it not be the same for our beloved dogs who are prone to many of the same diseases?”

“These diets will have endless benefits for our canine patients, both from a preventative and therapeutic approach and will provide a lucrative business opportunity for veterinarians as well.“

Manju Arora, DVM, MBA

Owner, Queen's Park Pet Hospital

New Westminster, BC

“Virchew is my answer towards a holistic wellness approach to healing a plant-based, well-balanced diet supported by research. I have no doubt that this revolutionary approach to patient care through diet is going to take the world by storm.”

Radica Raj, DVM

Owner, Phoenix Rising Integrative Veterinary Care

Burnaby, BC


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